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Introducing the Codectâ„¢ data warehouse


Works with existing database solutions


Agency-wide, unduplicated reporting


Client information is always protected


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We are a team of technology professionals with extensive experience working with Community Action Agencies. We develop cost-effective solutions for the challenges these organizations face. Our mission is to support those who help others.

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The Codect Process


Codect is a universal translator for your agency's data: it can be customized to extract information from any source and in any format.


Codect brings your data together into a single set: error-free, de-duplicated, and consistent.


Codect's user-friendly interface and reporting system lets you view your agency's performance and demonstrate its impact.

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The Fulcimus team has worked tirelessly with the Community Action agencies and our partners in the state of Rhode Island to give each agency a comprehensive set of data across all its programs, providing a fully integrated view of our services for the first time.

Dennis Roy, President & Chief Executive Officer, East Bay Community Action Program


Quincy Community Action Program has been working with Fulcimus on our CSBG reporting since 2013. Our reports now more accurately show the full scope of how we impact our community.

Beth Ann Strollo, Chief Executive Officer, Quincy Community Action Programs, Inc.